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Tannery Falls: Magnificent Falls If You Can Find Them

With over 50 miles of wooded trails inviting nature lovers to year-round recreational access in a rural setting, Savoy Mountain is situated on the top of the Hoosac Mountain Range, which is an extension of the Green Mountains of Vermont and the first mountain barrier encountered rising west of the Connecticut River Valley. Open year round from sunrise to sunset visitors can enjoy anything from hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, boating, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and swimming here.

We’ve always wanted to come and explore the abandoned farmland of Savoy Mountain and what better way we thought than a hike to one of the tallest waterfalls in Massachusetts located right in the middle of this 120 acres old growth norway and blue spruce forest.

After driving for a long time on what seemed like never ending rural road we finally reached this sign which we read was the starting point to the almost five mile long hike to the falls. We parked our car and proceeded the trek on foot. The road is not really suitable for small vehicles and we don’t suggest attempting to drive down it unless you have an off road vehicle, a pretty sturdy SUV or are driving a dirt bike or ATV.

Tannery Falls are located off Adams Road but we can’t promise the GPS would be of any use so maybe take a map with you or give yourself some extra time so when you get lost several times so that you still have enough daylight to do the hike back and forth to the falls.

Upon exiting the car and starting the hike on the dirt road that once was maybe a riverbed you can’t not notice how far away you are from the hustle and bustle of the not so nearby towns and feel completely removed from it all in the secluded woods surrounded only by huge lush eastern hemlock, red spruce, yellow birch, and sugar maple trees some of which are 150 to 400 years in age.

We followed the road along the long dirt path, passed an old cemetery listening to nothing else but the birds chirping while stopping for picture taking of the greenery surrounding us, the wild flowers blooming beautifully, the jumping frogs following us by the road and all the colorful butterflies flying around us.

The road gets muddy at places and we can only assume it gets much worse after rain so make sure you are wearing good hiking shoes and leave your favorite pair at home. Bring bug spray as well as they do like to feast on you if not prepared.

The wooden sign pointing to where you need to take a turn to the falls is easy to miss so keep your eyes open and make sure you don’t go right pass it like we did. And if you do, once you reach the parking lot that comes from the other side of the falls and is only sometimes open for use, turn around and follow dirt road back. We suggest you proceed ahead on the path by the stream, following the blue marks on the trees and tracking down the wooden steps and fencing to get to the first falls. You’ll be passing by multiple small cascades along the way. Take your time and stop to enjoy them.

Once you make your way up and down the many wooden stairs, passed the running stream, and lay your eyes on this majestic waterfall the latter of which is a 100-foot drop, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of it! You can feel the power of water cutting through the rocks like a sharp knife. With only the noise of the rushing water, the summer breeze and the birds singing Tanners Falls are a magical place. We sat for some time here enjoying the picnic we brought while sitting on a blanket by the water and watching our little one wadding in the pool of water that the waterfall creates before heading down the stone moss covered steps leading to the second waterfall which is even more stunning than the first (if that’s even possible).

It’s wonderful place to bring the kids and dogs and let them cool off in the freezing water on a hot summer day. I can only imagine the scenery in the winter while the falls are frozen and everything is covered in white. Take a moment and sit here and enjoy the beauty and serenity and calm down your busy mind at this amazing spot. We’ve seen so many waterfalls and have to admit this one is one of our favorites. It is so insanely beautiful and surrounded by so much calmness and tranquility which is rare these days as more and more people try to get outside and hit some of the more popular spots.

On the way back we followed the road we came up on and stopped for a few minutes at the cemetery we passed on the way to the falls and read some of the signs on the stones. It’s interesting to see how old some of them were.

We highly recommend you come and try to find Tanners Falls. Enjoy this peaceful area, settle for some time on one of the benches for sitting along the way and watch the stream flow by while clearing your mind and connecting with Nature. You won’t regret it.

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