Short hike to Heart-Stirring Falls in The Berkshires- Wahconah Falls

If you ever find yourself driving on Route 8 in Massachusetts or are anywhere near the towns of Pittsfield, Dalton and even Windsor, Massachusetts we highly recommend taking a quick detour and checking out the clean, untouched and little known waterfall hidden in the heart of the Berkshires at the front of the 48-acre wooded park of Wahconah Falls State Park.

We’ve been to almost all the waterfalls in the Berkshires and this one holds a special place in our hearts. It’s not a long hike, like many of the others, but it is a truly scenic one and definitely worth a trip to. It was the first one that we went to after having our little girl and we think it might be the reason for her infatuation with waterfalls and why she always asks us for a hike that ends with a picturesque waterfall.

We’ll have to admit finding the Wahconah Falls was not an easy task. GPS brought us to a completely different spot than where the actual entrance of the park is and it took us awhile to actually find the right road that lead to it. That’s why we do not recommend using your GPS but keeping your eyes wide open and looking for the little wooden sign that somehow still stands there that says “Wahconah Falls 1 m” pointing with an arrow to a bumpy road that would indeed lead you to where you need to be. It is pretty impossible to see from the highway so you have to truly look real hard to see it.

There is not much to the park other than a short “hike” to the bottom of the Falls and another equally as short walk to the top of the Falls, picnic tables and few trails that we have to say were not marked well, but certainly looked like a great way to spend a day of exploration if you are not caring a baby and don’t have small kids with you and feel adventurous enough. We read that dogs are allowed on leash only and I’m pretty sure they would really enjoy splashing in the waters of the fall and getting a quick swim in the natural pool that the flowing waters create at the bottom of the waterfall.

We visited Wahconah Falls in early June after a significant rainfall during the week leading to our trip here and the views of the waterfalls were breathtaking. Once we turned the corner after our short walk on the wooded path nestled between massive lush green trees we were greeted by the stunning sight of the pristine Wahconah Falls Brook waters tumbling over an outcrop of the Becket Gneiss formation and creating a runoff of 40 feet in length. I can still remember the felling even now years later of the serene scenery and the rush of the water combined by the quiet of the woods only “disturbed” by the songs of the birds chirping behind the brunches of the trees. And I can steel clutch the calm and stillness that I felt in my heart. This place is like no other (I feel like I say this a lot though!).

We sat by the water for some time on our blanket enjoying a delicious lunch while gazing at the sleeping baby and watching our toddler run around and at times get brave and get close to the water, before running back to “shore” for safety. There is a big pool on the bottom of the falls which would make for a great swimming hole although there is a sign saying that that is not allowed as many accidents have accrued here.

After a short while we were ready for some more exploring and took the short path that goes over some moss covered stone rocks that create a fairy tale path that leads straight to the top of the Falls for some more trilling views. From here you can continue trailblazing if you are experienced enough and know your way around the woods. There is a dam near by you can reach from the Falls and few other small cascades along Wahconah Brook.

The Park offers picnicking, fishing as well as a possibility of swimming and wading. There is an ample amount of parking right by the entrance of the park although we didn’t see any other people for the entire time we were here. It is not wheelchair accessible, but it’s an really easy hike and perfect for hikers with no experience and for small kids. You can find Wahconah State Park here:

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