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Where are the Most Haunted Spots Near Lake Norman?

The quiet suburb of Huntersville, North Carolina may not seem like a hotbed for paranormal activity, but those that have experienced some of the local haunts might see it differently.  Here are the top reported locations of Ghosts sightings in the area.

Latta Plantation

The 200+ year old cotton plantation is sure to get your goose bumps jumping especially if visiting at night or during one of their haunted ghost tours around Halloween. There have been numerous reports of sounds particularly coming from the attic of the main house.  Rumors have it that the original Latta family has not been able to rest in peace.  Sounds of muffled children voices have been reported as have toys and other objects moving around, despite the attic being completely empty.  It was also reported that during an actual tour, the guide’s cane, which once belonged to the family, was taken and walked around the house by an invisible man.  Want to get even more spooked?  Get more information about their haunted tour here.

Latta Plantation, Lake Norman

Lake Norman

Frequent visitors of Lake Norman will tell you of their apparition sightings that often happen around sunrise or dusk.  Underneath the lake lie the secrets of a town that was purchased by Duke Energy and began to flood the area in 1963.  Deep below the surface lies a lost city which was forced to relocate.  Rumor has it that there were a large number of graves that were not moved before the lake was flooded.  Head over to the Jetton Park shoreline at sunrise and chances are you’ll experience some degree of paranormal activity.

Lake NormanLake Norman state Park, Lake Norman, North CarolinaLake NormanLake Norman

Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church lies within a national historic district which was established in 1762 and has a long important local history.  The cemetery has been reported as a location with high energy readings and a place of common paranormal activity.  Amongst the buried include James Latte, owner of the aforementioned Latta Plantation as well as Hugh Torrance of Cedar Grove Plantation and most famously General William Lee Davidson.  Davidson was killed at the Battle of Cowan’s Ford in 1781 and buried in the cemetery the following day.  Numerous residents have reported seeing soldiers walking through the cemetery in their battle uniforms.  Along Beatties Ford Road in general and in particular the Stephens Grove neighborhood, residents have had many encounters with ghostly activity.

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, North Carolina, Lake NormanThe Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, North Carolina, Lake NormanThe Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, North Carolina, Lake NormanThe Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, North Carolina, Lake Norman

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