What to know before you go: Yellow Branch Falls Trail

Located in Walhalla, South Carolina just before entering Sumter National Forest the Yellow Brunch Falls Trail is one that everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Following the GPS coming from the town of Walhalla you’ll find the trailhead and a large parking lot right before the sign for Sumter National Forest with a large map of the trail to the falls. There are bathrooms by the parking lot however plan accordingly as it is closed now due to COVID.

The wooded winding path snakes between the trees for a little over a mile and a half and is considered moderate. It is quite narrow at times and you might have to wait by the side for people passing but noting to hard to navigate. This trail is easy enough for all ages with little stops for a rest if needed on the many rocks by the trail path. Dogs are allowed on the trail if on leash.

For the first .3 miles of the trail you will find yourself going downhill walking right by the side of a stream before the trails evens out for about another .4 miles following the wider part of the trail after which a steady up and down trek follows.

Be prepared for multiple stream crossings (at least four) all of which are easy to manage as there are large rocks and downed trees placed and at the deeper parts there are food bridges built for easy passing. A large variety of flora and fauna can be encountered on the trail depending on the season you choose to visit. We saw wild flowers and mushrooms, a snake and geckos as well as frogs and tadpoles.

After about an hour on the trail you’ll be greeted by a spectacular view of the falls. The 50 feet tall and 80 feet wide falls are a sight you won’t soon forget.

If you like taking pictures make sure to bring your good camera as you will want to capture the beauty of this place for a keepsake. It’s rare these days to find a waterfall so little touched by humans, still fully covered in the soft green moss that makes it special.

The cascades flow beautifully and at the right time of day when the sun hits the water the drops look like jewels sparkling all over. Sometimes you can see a rainbow if the sun hits the droplets right.

We suggest you bring a picnic and find a spot on the rocks, sit and enjoy the beauty of this spot while listening to the rushing water and the birds chirping by before making your way back. If you brought the kids or pups let them splash at the pool at the bottom of the falls but do make sure to keep an eye for our slithering friends as they do like to sunbathe there too.

We hope you enjoy this trail as much as we did and if you did let us know on our Instagram page. We’d love to stay connected.

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